Two Worlds... One Heart

Hey everybody... just back from an amazing couple of weeks in Hawaii and I'm beginning to feel like my old self again.  Yesterday, I was a bit of a zombie but I woke up this morning to a beautiful, sunny day here in New York (we won't talk about the fact that it's only 25 degrees!) and the sun is sparkling off the river like diamonds by the multitude.  There is beauty of a different kind here... and it is a beauty enhanced by the warmth of four smiles and faces dearest of all, to my heart.

As I travel through the photographs I took over the last several weeks I am struck by such a sense of gratitude yet again.  Standing on top of Haleakala, driving the road to Hana twice, bonding so closely with my sister, watching the joy on my dad's face, being with my cousins again, witnessing the mighty waves on the North Shore firsthand, cementing a very dear friendship even further, and making new and special ones, taking a helicopter ride over some of the most gorgeous land I have ever seen, watching whales and dolphins while listening to a beautiful young girl speak fluent Italian, immersing myself in Hawaiian culture and legend.... wow.  There aren't enough words to express what I am feeling now that I am home and able to mentally and spiritually process it all in the quiet of my own familiar spaces.  It was good to be there, and it is good to be here.  I think my perfect life would consist of winters in Hawaii and the rest of the year in New York.  Maybe someday...

As I look outside this morning at the light shining on the water here in New York, as the geese return in droves and I listen to their unique sound, and recall a Maui rooster who insisted on waking me up at 2:30am every day I was there... all I can do is smile.  What a gift this life is.  What a glorious, wondrous, beautiful celebration.  Come... talk story with me and tell me what it is that makes you glad you were born.