Given Freely

Leo Babauta

I like this guy.  No.. I mean I REALLY like this guy.  I'm probably a groupie at this point. I've been reading him since the beginning of 2013 and as often as I can, I go back and read everything I missed since he started his blogging journey back in January of 2008.  I wish I had been with him since the beginning.  He resonates with me like no other blog has in the history of.. ever.  (I love saying that lately - in the history of... ever .  It sounds so ultra mega dramatic doesn't it?  I see it everywhere and it always makes me smile!)

Anyway, I told you this "room" would be a place to share the people, places and things that inspire me and have helped me get to where I am today.  He's definitely at the top of that list. The words that he strings together on a page have taught me more about myself in one year then I had learned in the history of... ever.  (hehe)

We live in an age where information is thrown at us from all sides.  Health advice, relationship advice, business advice, website advice, parental advice, diet advice, financial advice - on and on and on it goes and the answers are as varied as the number of perspectives in the universe are. How on earth are we supposed to figure out what the right thing to do, is?  How about listening to yourself again? How about trusting your own inner instinct and believing that you are your own best judge of what is wrong or right when it comes to your life, your business, your health, your family, your own next chapter?  How often have you needed to make a decision and instead of figuring it out using your faith, your intuition or your own gut, whether in regards to your health, your business, your schooling, your kids, your spiritual walk... you went to Google to "research" it?  We've forgotten how to listen to that still, small voice.

That is why I like Leo.  He's bucking the norm in favor of his own inner wisdom.  He's allowing his life to be guided by what he thinks and feels himself, instead of what a thousand other people on the internet think.  Great men are made that way.  Men worth following.   

His final point on that page (click on his name up top) is music to my soul.  

"You can't steal what is given freely."