What Good Shall I Do This Day?

Dear Mike,

It's been three months today, since you've gone.  Hearts are still aching.  You are still so much a part of our lives.  I talked to Meaghan again tonight.  I try to talk to her in some way every single day and I miss her now when I don't.  That is a gift you left in your wake.  I think it's a gift you left us both.  Those ripples continue to circle in shimmering rings on the souls of all who loved you. I'm really so grateful to you.  

We talked about the last time we were all together.  Funny.. my very first show will happen in that same room on Friday night.  We danced and laughed and you brought out a side in my son that I can only call JOYOUS abandon!  He hasn't danced with such freedom since that day. I hope you planted your dancing gene in Julius.  It did my heart a lot of good to see him like that and I think J will do that for Meaghan too.  It's so clear to me these days, that you brought that out in everyone.  How she misses you...

There are a lot of things about you I didn't know but the one that has had the most profound effect on me is the simple creed you lived your life by: What good shall I do this day?  I printed out a picture with that saying and framed it and it sits on a table in my little gallery at home, where the morning sun lights it up.  I start every day now, by asking myself that question.  It has surprised me how very little time and effort it takes to lift another person's spirit, and how profound an effect it can have.  I think you truly understood the deep power of a positive word. What a better world it would be if we all did.

I hope that somehow you are out there, dancing and hanging out with my brother.  He would really like you.  Put on some old Michael Jackson for me, and tell him his sister loves him. And you should know... your little boy is playing your ukelele, and he remembers how to dance and laugh.  I think it's because you chose the perfect mama for him.  

Thank you so much for sharing her with me.

With much love and aloha,


For Julius