Freedom / by Roni Delmonico

The real blessing in collecting light, is realizing that you actually don't have to go very far to find it.  But you do have to step into it, to feel it sometimes.  I shared with you Leo's 72 ideas for simplifying your life.  The first two were to make a list of your top 4-5 important things and to evaluate your commitments. 

For me, love has always been spelled like this: 

T I M E.


We'll be working together through those 72 ideas this year.  It's a process.. an unhurried one, and one that I am already surprisingly enjoying.  There is freedom in it.  Because when you clear your life of things of little lasting value, you gain so much time for the things that do.  Freedom from time consuming things (once in awhile - let's not get too carried away) like makeup and curling irons, means more time for coffee and conversation.  Freedom from important things, like the love of money and the tendency to want to hold too tightly to material things means more time for giving and a mindset that allows you to do that. Freedom to go back, and remember what (and who) actually does matter and why.  

Let there be light!