A Sweet Sounding Song of Yourself

I'm very pensive this morning and wanting to communicate so many things.  Everything seems magnified to me today.  The glass table where I sit with my coffee, its steam curling up lazily over the cup, is perfectly reflecting the view of blue sky and rustling leaves on branches outside my window on its surface.  The sun is laying down diamonds on the water for me again.  God, how I love that....  The river is borrowing sunshine to make its shimmery rippled light paintings on the leaves of the tree in my neighbor's backyard and the 4 giant oaks which stand tall in mine, like quiet sentinels watching over me every day, are whispering ancient secrets to me.  The windows are wide open and the fresh air is rushing in to greet me, as if it hasn't caressed my skin in ages. I suppose it hasn't.  I am glad that it is today.  It's really such a gift. 

The beautiful pink roses left over from the party on Saturday are sitting on the windowsill, fully open now and filling my airspace with the most delicious perfume.  We so cannot duplicate that. Man's hand will never do it as well as God's.  The soft noise of my husband and children float around me, droning pleasantly....amazing how I can tune it out and focus sharply when I'm writing, in a way similar to the zone I find myself in when I am shooting macro in reverse.  I'd like to harness that ability and use it in other areas of my life as easily.

I am determined to stop and take notice of all of this today.

My life is such a wild, crazy, wonderful, magnificent, sensory~filled journey.  I'm really glad you've chosen to walk with me.  I learned this week, that some of you are quietly reading this blog, and I was never the wiser.  That really blesses my heart and only strengthens my resolve to season my words in ways that will bring inspiration and healing to all who digest them.  My purpose is really very simple.  To show you how I see things, in my quest to find myself.  My true self.  The one living inside, in far deeper waters, unencumbered by this body that feels like my enemy as I grow older.  The me you find, when you look past my eyes to the light, that is the spirit ... truly the essence ... of Roni.

This is my message.  To you, and to myself...