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My Lens

On Castles And Dreamweaving

Roni Delmonico

Not far from where I live, there stands a beautiful castle.  It was built by a man named George C. Boldt for the woman he loved.  Her name was Louisa.  Every summer in the early 1900s, the Boldt family would come to the Thousand Islands Region in New York to enjoy boating and swimming and all of the beauty this romantic place had to offer.  They loved it so much, George decided he wanted to build a castle for Louisa on Heart Island, with 120 rooms (can you imagine!?), wonderful flower gardens, secret tunnels, and a big stone children's playhouse!  He hired stonemasons, artists and carpenters to make his dream a reality so that he might give Louisa a gift that would show her just how much he loved her. Tragically, in 1904, George's beloved wife died suddenly and he ordered all work on his project to halt immediately.  The castle stood abandoned and forlorn for 73 years as a monument to his love for her.  He never set foot on Heart Island again.  But in 1977, the Thousand Island Bridge Authority stepped in and began to slowly restore George's dream and make it all that it should have been.  

When I visited Boldt castle I was filled with anticipation.  I wandered for hours from room to room, imagining what George wanted it to be and how very much he must have loved his wife. The view from every window was of deep blue sparkling water and fragrant colorful gardens that are now well tended and cared for.  It is still a work in progress and there are some rooms that continue to speak of George's sadness ...  rooms yet abandoned and waiting to be restored to their grandeur.  But when I looked out over this tower and its window, I thought of the enchanting character Rapunzel in Disney's new version of her tale, called, Tangled.  It's wonderful when a place tells a story and when it sings. I hope that wherever George and Louisa are today, that they have been reunited and he is happy once again.

The world is full of dreamers and it's a beautiful thing to be able to witness and share in them. Even better, is to have a dream of your own.  Big or small ... dreams give us something outside of ourselves to reach for.  Don't give up on that. Speak your dream out loud to someone. Maybe it will water the seed in you and give it sunlight enough to grow. Name it.  Nurture it.  And then go after it... weaving it into reality, one gossamer strand at a time.