My Soul Is Alive!

We live in a society where old things aren't often valued and are tossed away quickly when they've outgrown their use, rather than repaired, so when I come across something that is truly old and well cared for, I find it very interesting. We store our travel trailer on a lot where there are mostly trailers and boats, but one day, when my husband was returning it after a camping trip, he came across the owner of this little beauty and spent a bit of time listening to him talk with passion, about his old steam tractor. He came home and told me about it, and the next opportunity we had to go back to the lot, I made sure to bring my camera, in hopes that it would still be parked there. It was really fun to photograph, while I imagined it in its heyday.


This is a pretty rare steam tractor made around the turn of the century. It still runs perfectly. In the old days, if you had a big farm and were fortunate enough to own one, it did the work of an 8-10 horse team, contrast to the horses, the tractor could run all day if you kept it fired with wood or coal. Besides being able to plow fields, haul things, and harvesting and planting crops..these tractors were frequently parked, then connected with long leather belts to grain mills, hay and grain elevators, and even saw mills, in order to power them. It's a real little workhorse and the owner considers it quite a treasure.

If there is one thing I've learned since becoming so interested in photography, it's that even the most mundane places can hold some really wonderful photographic treasures; even unexpected ones. While wandering around capturing images of the steam tractor, I discovered this little bird's nest tucked neatly up into one of the large wheels. It had long since been abandoned and I paused briefly, to wonder why.


Before I left, I took one last look around the lot and saw one blade of grass poking up from the gravel near where the trailer was parked. I laid down on the ground with my camera in hand, and captured the image as a reminder to myself, that beauty can be found even in places that seem void of it. I try to see with that kind of vision more often than not nowadays, and I find it is helping me to remain thankful on a daily basis. And I rejoice, for my soul is alive!